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The Value of Public Art Intervened in Urban Landscape

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001032


XiaoHua Huang, YueYun Shao

Corresponding Author

XiaoHua Huang


Public art is an indispensable content of urban landscape design, and public art is involved in landscape Design has a unique value meaning and is an important component of urban public space city. The transformation of city nodes and the creation of landscape style need to echo the cultural characteristics of city nodes. In addition, the materials and content of public art should be integrated with the environment. Currently, urban shape Elephants and aesthetics enrich the humanistic environment of the city, highlight the individual characteristics, the important content of the design needs to integrate public art with urban landscape design. This article will Public art is involved in the value presented by urban landscape design, and puts forward some thoughts and suggestions.


Public Art; Landscape Design; Value