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Restore history in association and symbiosis——History of the New Qing Dynasty, Inner Asia Studies, and the Concept of the Chinese Nation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001033


Wei Li

Corresponding Author

Wei Li


In traditional Qing history research, the study of New Qing history, and the history of Inner Asia, the traditional Qing history puts too much emphasis on the view of the Chinese nation, the Central Plains dynasty, and the integration of Man and Han, etc. The New Qing history emphasizes the Manchu factor in the rule of the Qing Dynasty. The study of Asian history also emphasizes the use of multiple Central and Western languages and the main subject of Inner Asia. It emphasizes that Inner Asia is the center, which makes the research tend to be based on academic evidence and academic arguments. Because all three emphasize the Manchu factor, use the Manchu language and other minority languages, research from the development trajectory of the Manchu, and restore the historical truth to reshape history, so it is gradually integrated and innovative in the debate. History Institute is really oriented


Qing history research; New Qing history; Inner history; Association and symbiosis