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Practice and Model of Rural E-commerce on Poverty Alleviation in Gansu Province

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001036


Yuxia Hu, Haiying Ma

Corresponding Author

Haiying Ma


Rural E-commerce poverty alleviation, as an innovative measure of the mainstream work system of rural poverty alleviation, plays an important guiding role in the critical period of poverty alleviation. In recent years, Gansu province has actively implemented the targeted poverty alleviation road of industrial poverty alleviation, and E-commerce poverty alleviation has become an effective way to achieve industrial poverty alleviation. Combined with the analysis of specific E-commerce poverty alleviation model, on the premise that the selection and application of E-commerce poverty alleviation model in poverty areas should be closely related to local reality, government policies, poverty alleviation objectives, poverty alleviation subjects and E-commerce platforms affect the selection of rural E-commerce poverty alleviation model.


Gansu Province; Rural E-commerce; Poverty Alleviation Model