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Research Progress of Yb3+ -Ho3+ co-doped Solid Laser at 2μm Wavelength

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001042


Qun Liu

Corresponding Author

Qun Liu


The characteristics of 2μm wavelength laser, application background and approaches to realizing 2μm wavelength laser have been summarized in this paper. The energy level structure and luminescence mechanism of Yb3+ -Ho3+ co-doped laser crystals are analyzed in detail. This paper points out that the sensitizing ions Yb3+ doped in crystal can effectively improve the absorption efficiency, and makes it possible for the laser work material to effectively couple with InGaAs laser diode (LD), and this is applicable to LD pumping. The domestic and foreign research progresses of Yb3+-Ho3+ co-doped laser crystals are summarized, and the development prospect of Yb3+-Ho3+ co-doped laser material is expected. Finally, several kinds of Yb3+-Ho3+ co-doped laser work materials which may have greater development prospects are analyzed.


Lasers; 2ΜM Wavelength; Yb3+-Ho3+Co-Doped Laser Crystals; Pumping