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Analysis of Leisure Tourism Management Subject Behavior from Hotel Management Customer Experience Perception

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001049


Zhichen Zhong

Corresponding Author

Zhichen Zhong


With the continuous development and progress of the economy and society, the process of economic development has experienced agricultural economy, industrial economy and service economy and began to enter the experience economy. The experience marketing approach brought by the experience economy provides a new model for economic development. People pay more and more attention to the experience in the consumption process, and experience consumption is more and more recognized. The purpose of this article is to take the leisure tourism-oriented hotel industry as the research object, and to understand the behavior of leisure tourism resort hotels from the perspective of customer perception. And try to establish a theory system of customer perception for leisure tourism hotels, in order to further investigate the factors that influence customers' perception of the ecological practice and effectiveness of leisure tourism hotels. Leisure tourism hotel in practice. This paper uses the SPSS statistical analysis method to perform a descriptive statistical analysis on the collected data to further explore the nature of the customer experience of leisure travel resort hotels. Five factors were obtained, which explained 69.313% of the data. It is proved that the relationship between leisure and travel behavior variables in the customer experience theoretical model is completely consistent with the assumptions. The study of customer experience in leisure and tourism resorts not only fills in the blank of empirical research on customer experience theory, but also proposes a new concept of hotel management experience.


Hotel Management; Customer Experience; Leisure Tourism; Consumer Behavior