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Guiyang Circular Economic Ecological City Planning and Construction

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001055


Guotai Bao

Corresponding Author

Guotai Bao


Guiyang is one of the first circular economy Eco-cities built in China, and its overall plan is to maximize resource utilization and minimize pollution emissions. The economic development strategy of Guiyang City's circular economy ecological city planning and construction is a development path that integrates clean production, comprehensive resource utilization, ecological design, and sustainable consumption. This study analyzes the general background and goals of the planning and construction of a circular economy eco-city in Guiyang, and builds a "three-dimensional model of a circular economy eco-city in Guiyang" .This study provides a theoretical and practical basis for the economic development, environmental protection, and overall progress of many cities in southwest China.


Guiyang City; Circular economy; Eco-city; Planning and Construction