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Techniques for On-Site Audit of Quality Management System in Food Production Enterprises

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001059


Min Gao

Corresponding Author

Min Gao


The cleaner production audit is the premise of promoting cleaner production and an important means for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. A dairy enterprise in Yunnan Province implemented no / low cost scheme and medium / high cost scheme for cleaner production, and achieved water saving by 299,000 t/a , a reduction in waste water discharge by 40,971 t/a, a benefit of ¥1.703 million/a, and significant economic and environmental benefits. This article introduces the audit of cleaner production according to the characteristics of the dairy industry and expounds the characteristics of cleaner production of dairy enterprises and the relevant policy requirements of the industry. It argues that, to achieve sustainable development, dairy enterprises should comprehensively carry out cleaner production starting from themselves, which includes energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, and efficiency improvement.[4]


Dairy Enterprises; Cleaner Production; Cleaner Production Audit