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Humanized Design of Traffic Environment Management in Historical Urban Area -- In the Case of Traffic Calming Strategy in Shanghai

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001067


Fei Zhou

Corresponding Author

Fei Zhou


Traffic calming is an advocate for the return of the road space to pedestrians. It adopts practical design and other approaches to enhance safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. This study aims to discuss the safe and harmonious environment for the transportation in Historical and Cultural Cities, especially the historic streets in historic district of the city. In this study, we selected the Sinan Road historic block in Shanghai as the survey area and analyzed the people’s activities and road traffic situation etc to clarify the traffic calming feasibility of the historic district in the Chinese cities. Traffic calming is a concept and also is a kind of behavior consciousness. The historic city and historic district of China not only need to keep the historical context, cultural background and architectural style, but also need to create a safe and good living space and a civilized and orderly traffic environment in the city.


Traffic Calming; Historic District; Traffic Environment; Urban Governance