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The Existing Problem and Solutions in Overhaul Management of Electrical Equipment in Thermal Power Plants

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001069


Dongning Wang, Jia Hu

Corresponding Author

Dongning Wang


With the advancement of science and technology, the rules of thermal power plant systems are increasing by day, while the related functions are becoming more complex. Therefore, the maintenance and repair work of thermal power plant systems is also becoming increasingly important, which is Timely solving the system safety problems of thermal power plants, but on the other hand, to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, also to significantly improve on the efficiency of electricity consumption and reduce the consumption of resources. Electrical equipment is the basic condition for the operation of thermal power plants, and the thermal power plants must increase the management of electrical equipment in order to ensure safe operation and promote economic and social benefits. At this stage, there are still some problems in the operation of electrical equipment used in thermal power plants, which leads to low management efficiency. Therefore, targeted solutions are needed to continuously improve on the management level of electrical equipment in thermal power plants.


Thermal Power Plant; Electrical Equipment; Maintenance Management; Existing Problem; Solution Measure