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Analysis of Enterprise Economic Management Strategy Based on Circular Economy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001070


DongYang Yu

Corresponding Author

DongYang Yu


In the context of today's circular economy, how companies can obtain huge economic benefits in a modern society with rapid economic development and fierce competition is a question that has been discussed and pursued by various companies and responsible persons. It is very important to obtain and maintain the advantages in the fierce market competition and improve the management effect of the corporate economy. To this end, this article brings forward a research and analysis of corporate economic management strategies based on a circular economy perspective. This paper uses a combination of literature analysis and other research methods to study the current economic management of enterprises, analyzes the existing problems of current economic management strategies, and proposes some strategic suggestions. The research in this paper finds that there are still many problems in the current economic management of enterprises, and the causes of the problems are also various. In the final analysis, the concept has not kept up with the development of the times. This article believes that to do a good job of economic management in the context of a circular economy, we must first establish a correct and scientific concept of ecological innovation, cultivate a development concept that is consistent with the circular economy, and improve the relevant systems of economic management, keep up with the system, and promote economic management. In addition to energy conservation and emission reduction, enterprises must also improve working mechanisms and systems and strengthen learning and innovation.


Circular Economy; Business Economic Management; Economic Development; Market Competition