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The Study of Thomas Pynchon’s Fiction in China

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001071


Guohua Duan , Fengshan Liu

Corresponding Author

Guohua Duan


Thomas Pynchon’s fiction is an important study object in the field of foreign literature study in China. Pynchon’s fiction is known for its obscure language and complicated content among the scholars, but this is also the charm of Thomas Pynchon’s fiction. The scholars in the United States started Pynchon research early in the 1960s. The studies of Pynchon in China lags behind that in other countries, and its focus has shifted from the early studies on its narrative skills, stylistic styles and traditional quest motif to its expression of the historical, cultural, religious, ethnic, political, and gender issues of the contemporary society. After combing the current studies of Pynchon fiction in China, it is not difficult to find that Chinese scholars have conducted various in-depth studies on the historical narratives in Pynchon’s fiction, the politicized writing of postmodern science and technology, and the politicized writing of sex and gender. And the study of Pynchon’s fiction in China has taken a new height, which will provide new perspectives for the readers to meditate on the survival of modern humans through the eyes of Thomas Pynchon.


Thomas Pynchon; Historical Narrative; Politicized Writing of Postmodern Technology; Politicized Writing of Sex and Gender