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Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Ecological Livability under the Background of Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001072


Ran Liu, Lei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ran Liu


The country put forward the rural revitalization strategy, in order to guide the development of rural areas, the purpose is to solve the problem of unbalanced urban and rural development in the development of China, to achieve the common prosperity of urban and rural areas. Under the background of rural vitalization, the evaluation of rural development level can find out the problems in rural development, so that the follow-up can be targeted to solve, so as to promote rural development and achieve rural vitalization. The purpose of this paper is to put forward some Suggestions for the ecological development under the vitalization of rural areas by studying the comprehensive evaluation model of ecological livability. This paper first analyzes the important steps of rural revitalization, national development trend, rural development support system, and how the relevant government evaluates rural development. On this basis, according to the development requirements of rural vitalization, the rural development situation of a city is analyzed. Then, combining with the actual situation of rural areas, AHP and entropy value method are comprehensively applied to design the evaluation index system of rural development. The evaluation index system has three levels of indicators: industry, ecology, rural style, governance and life, 5 first-level indicators, 13 second-level indicators, and 30 third-level indicators. Taking 2018 as the base period, the base period score of each index is 75 points, and the ecological livability level of a city's rural area in the recent four years is evaluated.


Rural Revitalization; Evaluation of Rural Development Level; Ecological Livability; Evaluation Model