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Discharge Control of Cabinet-type Feeder Based on Volume Control

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001083


Ronghua Xu ,Nanzhe Ding ,Xiaobai Zhang ,Sen Lin ,Chaohong Dai

Corresponding Author

Ronghua Xu


The feeder is an important machine for the development of modern production, and it has a crucial influence on the production speed, production quality and production volume. The cabinet-type feeder is a common type of feeder, and it has been gradually popularized and applied in the production development due to its storage capacity. However, at present, the discharge control of cabinet-type feeder still needs to be further studied. According to the volume control, this paper studies the discharge control of cabinet-type feeder to the discharge accuracy of cabinet-type feeder.


Volume Control; Cabinet-Type Feeder; Discharge Control