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The Development Model of Smart Tourism City in Kunming under the Background of Free Trade Zone Policy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001084


ShuZheng Zhao, Lei Zhang

Corresponding Author

ShuZheng Zhao


With the rapid development of society and economy, the domestic tourism industry has developed well. In recent years, the total tourism revenue of Kunming has maintained double-digit growth. Tourism has become the pillar industry of Kunming. Smart tourism combines artificial intelligence and a new generation of information technology. It is an advanced form of tourism development. Tourists, management departments and tourism enterprises will all benefit from this. This paper proposes a study on the development model of smart tourism cities in Kunming under the background of free trade zone policies. In this paper, the literature analysis method, quantitative analysis method and other methods are combined to study. This paper analyzes the current tourism situation of Kunming City in recent years, and obtains some development strategies of Kunming Smart Tourism City under the background of free trade zone policy through the compilation of relevant materials. This study found that Kunming's tourism development is in a good situation, and it also shows the tourism industry's strong contribution to Kunming's economy. In 2014, the total tourism revenue reached 17.3% of the city's GDP. The total tourism revenue in 2015 was the total tourism revenue in 2014. More than twice, the research results of this paper show that the development momentum of smart tourism cities in Kunming is very good under the background of free trade zone policies.


Free Trade Zone Policy; Kunming City; Smart Tourism City; Development Model