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The Effect of Interaction in Interactive Movies-Taking Film "Black Mirror" as an Example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001092


Qiuyang Tan

Corresponding Author

Qiuyang Tan


Interactive movies have emerged with the development of digital technology in the new era. Interactivity and cinematography are two major characteristics of interactive movies. At the same time, due to the separation of the interactive form, the separation between the audience and the role, and the narrative It produces a separation effect, which triggers the interaction between the subject and the object, and develops the self-knowledge that runs through the individual's stable attitude and intention as a certain type of person due to the separation effect of its interaction process. From the perspective of self-cognition, this article explores the alienation effect of the interactive film 《Black Mirror: Pandasnaki》


Interactive Movie; Alienation Effect; Self-Cognition