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Discussion and Constructive Suggestions on Quality of FDI Utilization in Jilin Province, China

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001093


Na Sun

Corresponding Author

Na Sun


Motivated by the policy of “One Belt and One Road”, Jilin province of China has made remarkable use of FDI, but it is worth noting that increase in FDI quantity alone couldn’t satisfactorily boost the further economic growth of Jilin province. This article empirically analyzes the quality of FDI utilization in Jilin province from the angles of effects of capital, economic growth, industry, trade, employment, and taxation. The finding is that the overall quality of FDI utilization in Jilin province is relatively low. Accordingly, some countermeasures are put forward. It is of great strategic significance in guiding Jilin province to shift its foreign investment policy from putting quantity ahead of quality, transform economic development pattern, and enhance China's strategic position in northeast Asia.


Jilin Province; China; Quality of FDI Utilization; Statistical Analysis; Constructive Suggestions