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Will They Be In Crisis or Will They Seize Opportunities: A Empirical Study on Staff Improvisation and Enterprise Innovative Performance

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001094


Huamin Mo, Ekrisi Niyomsilp

Corresponding Author

Huamin Mo


The study develops a theoretical model to account for the effect of staff improvisation on innovation performance by theoretical analysis and literature review. Staff improvisation was defined that staff utilize immediately available resource to produce creative results, in non-routine or unexpected ways. In the case of emergency, under time pressure. Results from a sample of 213 Chinese staff support the study hypothesis, and show that staff improvisation positively effected their creative performance. Furthermore, the three sub-dimensions of improvisation, including spontaneity behavior, creativity intention and utilizing available resource, could significantly promoted firm innovation performance. The results of this research offer guidance to managers about encouraging staff improvisation. Moreover, the present paper provides directions for future research on improvisation and innovation performance. Future research is encouraged to investigate mediating and moderating factors between organization improvisation and creative performance.


Staff Improvisation; Innovation Performance; Empirical Study