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The Impact of Equity Structure on Corporate Social Responsibility

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001099


Lin Zhou and Yun Yuan

Corresponding Author

Yun Yuan


Recently, a new type of coronavirus pneumonia has erupted in China, and various industries have done their utmost to provide for the shortage of materials for Wuhan and fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprises. Behind the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, in fact, it reflects the level of corporate governance. Therefore, this paper studies the impact of corporate ownership structure on corporate social responsibility from the perspective of corporate governance. This paper takes China's non-financial listed companies in 2014-2018 as a research sample to empirically investigate the impact of corporate equity concentration on social responsibility performance. The results show that the more concentrated the equity, the better the corporate social responsibility performance.


Social Responsibility; Equity Structure; Corporate Governance; Equity Concentration