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A Comparative Study of Value Co-creation Models in the Context of Differentiation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001108


Yue Li and Xiaoqin Zhu

Corresponding Author

Yue Li


The construction of value co-creation mode is helpful for enterprises to grasp the feedback information of users in real time in the dynamic business environment, obtain the valuable demand trend from the complex information, and bring the customer resources into the core competitive advantage of enterprises. Based on this, the deficiencies of products and operation can be improved in time, thus giving birth to a variety of value co-creation modes dominated by enterprises. By combing the existing literature about the value co creation model in different situations, this paper summarizes the more applicable value co-creation model for the differentiated industry field, which can provide reference for enterprises to enhance their competitive advantage and innovation in business model.


Value Co-Creation; Business Model; Marketing Innovation