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Optimize Entrepreneurial Environment of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Based on GEM Framework

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001111


Mingzhu Huang

Corresponding Author

Mingzhu Huang


The economic development of SMEs is an important growth pole for the steady development of the province's economy. Therefore, a scientific and appropriate method is used to comprehensively evaluate and scientifically classify the entrepreneurial environment of small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangzhou, so as to take appropriate and effective measures to change the silent situation of regional entrepreneurial activities, optimize the entrepreneurial environment, and promote the development of entrepreneurial economy, Is an urgent problem to be solved. According to the previous review of the research on the GEM framework, the comprehensive evaluation of the entrepreneurial environment using the GEM framework has been recognized and adopted by most scholars. Many scholars in the field of entrepreneurship at home and abroad have used the GEM framework to analyze entrepreneurial related theories. The GEM framework has a Very high application rate. It can be seen that the division of the nine dimensions of the entrepreneurial environment in the GEM framework is a scientific division method that has been considered and verified by many parties, and has high authority and practical value.


GEM Framework Entrepreneurship; Infrastructure; Cluster Analysis (CA)