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Financing Status of Listed Companies in China

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001115


Wei Di, Xinyi Tang

Corresponding Author

Wei Di


The capital structure is closely related to the development of the company, and the financing preference for the listed company also has a meaning that cannot be underestimated. The financing preference of China's listed companies has always been the focus of scholars at home and abroad. At first, this paper listed the related research literature, and then from two aspects of the stock market and bond market are described in recent years, the overall financing environment in our country, then analyzes the order of the financing preference of listed companies and the three major characteristics, the final details the overall financing environment and the internal corporate governance impact on the present situation of financing of listed companies of our country. This paper takes the financing status of listed companies in China as the research topic, hoping to help China optimize the decision-making of financing and promote the further development of China's capital market.


Financing Environment; Listed Company; Financing Structure