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Prediction of N/LAB Financial Product

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001117


Ying Tang , Xianqi Zhou , Wenchang Li

Corresponding Author

Ying Tang


Financial product is not only the important financing tools for enterprises who sell this type of product, but also income resource for investors who purchase the product. The N/LAB enterprise aims to market a financial product called N/LAB. There are 5000 customers database who have bought similar financial products. Therefore, the dataset could be used to analyse and predict which type of customers is most possible to buy N/LAB financial products. This report starts from data pre-processing, data exploration, and then the mathematical models of prediction will be justified and selected based on pros and cons of each models. The next stage is model training and an analysis of implication. Final business recommendations and business insights will be given on the basis of previous analysis. In this report, Python and Orange will be used in terms of techniques (McKinney, 2013) [1].


Business Analytics Reports; Data Preprocessing; Prediction Models; Confusion Matrix; Marketing Insights