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Feature And Impacts of Typhoons:2008-2017--Protection System Against Typhoons

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001118


Shuzhang Zhou and Xueyou Liu

Corresponding Author

Shuzhang Zhou


Heavy rainfall and strong winds brought about by typhoons often cause major loss of life and property in Taiwan. This paper sorted out 25 typhoons caused by disasters in Taiwan over the past ten years (2008-2017), and concluded that the losses caused by typhoons were positively correlated with rainfall and wind speed, and that the rainfall and casualties of typhoons were significantly related. At the same time, this paper conducted non-structural interviews and structural questionnaires on Taiwan residents, and based on the recorded results, conducted a cluster analysis to obtain the attitude of Taiwan residents towards typhoons. Finally, this paper put forward an ideal typhoon system for reference by the relevant departments, to improve the resilience of typhoon disasters on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.


Feature of Typhoons; Protection System; Rainfall and Wind Speed; Attitude towards Typhoons