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Four-dimensional Ecological Model of Colleges and Universities Participating in Poverty Alleviation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001121


Cheng Peng , Lijuan Meng , Zhishan Yu

Corresponding Author

Cheng Peng


Targeted poverty alleviation and eradication have entered a crucial stage of development, and we need to mobilize the entire Party, the whole country and the whole society to actively participate. As a combination of intelligence, innovation, science, technology and talents, colleges and universities have actively participated in the targeted poverty alleviation battle and achieved certain experience. Concerning the problem of how to get rid of poverty, this paper studies how to establish a long-term mechanism to ensure the continuous development of poverty reduction. Then, it proposes the exploration of the four-dimensional ecological mechanism path of colleges and universities participating in poverty alleviation: the ecological mechanism for poverty alleviation through education, ecological mechanisms for poverty alleviation through science, technology and industry, the ecological mechanism of talent poverty alleviation and the ecological mechanism of tracking evaluation. The coordinated promotion and circular operation of the four ecological mechanisms will explore new ideas and new paths for colleges and universities to participate in poverty alleviation.


Poverty Alleviation; Colleges and Universities; Ecological Mechanism