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Gray Relation Analysis of China's Manufacturing Export Trade and Technology Innovation Efficiency

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001124


Chenyu Li , Yunli Wang

Corresponding Author

Yunli Wang


Based on the overall data of China's large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises from 1999 to 2017, the Gray Relation Analysis is used to study the relationship between export trade and technological innovation efficiency of Chinese manufacturing enterprises. Firstly, the Radial super-efficiency DEA model is used to calculate the technological innovation efficiency of the manufacturing industry. Then, the gray correlation coefficient between the export trade and the technological innovation efficiency is calculated. The results show that the gray relation correlation is large in different years between the export trade of China's manufacturing industry and the research and development efficiency of enterprises, and the interval is 0.37-1.13.The average correlation degree is 0.6, indicating that there is a certain correlation between the export trade of manufacturing enterprises and the efficiency of the research and development.In 2009, the gray relation correlation reached a peak of 1.13 which is not surpassed later years.It indicates that this relationship is easily affected by changes of the international environment.


Export Trade; Technological Innovation Efficiency; Radial Super-Efficiency DEA Mode; Gray Relation Analysis