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Social Identification of the Pearson Family in This Is Us

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001127


Jian Chi

Corresponding Author

Jian Chi


Social identification determines one’s identities in the approved in-groups and fosters the aggression and disapproval towards the out-groups, based on the social identity theory. The process of self-categorization also categorizes the classifications of one’s multiple identities in the society: ethnic identification, interpersonal relationship, vocations and avocations’ identifications, stigmatized groups etc. Besides, people’s social identities are altering with time and under different circumstances dynamically. Those identities let people know who they really are, so that they try hard to gain their acceptance of the membership, improve their self-esteem, and pursue their physical and mental well-being. It is also true for those ordinary characters in the famous American TV show This Is Us. Under the guide of social identity theory, this paper focuses on illustrating the process of social identification of the main characters---the Pearson Family in this TV show, classifies their society identities based on the above four groups, and analyzes the causes of their identities, so as to reveal some implications about people’s social identities and importance of those identities to people’s life.


Social Identification; Self-Categorization; Ethnic Identification; Interpersonal Relationship; Vocations and Avocations; Stigmatized Groups