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Analysis on the Status Quo of Overall Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Heilongjiang Province

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001128


Xiru Yang

Corresponding Author

Xiru Yang


The adjustment and optimization of industrial structure is always the key point in the process of economic development in China. At present, the economic development of heilongjiang province has been a new normalcy, get clear about the current characteristics and evolution trend of the industrial structure of the region and improve the occasion, to speed up the transformation of economic growth mode, adjust the economic structure, so as to make the economic grow fast, to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of heilongjiang province. In view of the specific historical period of economic and social development in Heilongjiang Province, this paper will analyze the whole industrial upgrading and transformation of Heilongjiang Province from the current situation, also have an analysis of the history of industrial development and policy status of Heilongjiang Province, then help generate a healthy, coordinated and sustainable economic and social system, and realize the economic development and social progress in accordance with people’s wishes.


Industrial Transformation and Upgrading; Analysis of the Situation; the Current Policy