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Harm and Coping Strategies of College Students' Mobile Phone Addiction

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001136


Meiling Guo, Shuiping Huang

Corresponding Author

Shuiping Huang


The popularity of mobile phones is becoming more and more extensive, each student has at least one mobile phone. The appearance of mobile phone, although brought a lot of convenience to our life, but also brought a lot of harm, such as the problem of mobile phone addiction. Mobile phone addiction will affect college students' psychology, physiology, study and life, and even endanger their safety. Facing the harm of mobile phone addiction, college students should improve their self-control and promote their health; Parents should pay attention to family education, develop a correct habit of using mobile phones; Schools should properly guide and supervise students' use of mobile phones.


Mobile Phone Addiction; Harm; Coping Strategies