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Research on the Coordinated Development of E-commerce and Campus Express Delivery

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001138


Deju Zhang, Qianwen Zang, Xiaomin Zhang, and Zhuhao Shao

Corresponding Author

Deju Zhang


With the rapid development of the internet, e-commerce has gradually Developed into one of the major economic and trade modes in the world. It has changed people's consumption habits and behavior patterns, and has also driven the development of express delivery industry. Online shopping has become a normal phenomenon among college students. College express came into being. If e-commerce wants to further develop, it must develop in coordination with college express. To analyze the current development of e-commerce and college express delivery industry. and probe into the problems existing in the cooperative development of college express delivery and e-commerce, and finally put forward the strategies for the cooperative development of e-commerce and college express delivery in paper.


E-Commerce; College Express Delivery; the Cooperative Development