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Analysis on Specific Measures in Major National Scientific Research Projects Led by Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001140


Jing Zhao, Lige Zhang, yubin Li

Corresponding Author

Jing Zhao


Undertaking major national scientific research projects is important presentation of the strategic demand for universities' serving the country and comes as a source carrier giving birth to major scientific innovations, an important channel of cultivating outstanding innovation talents, and effective means of improving teaching level. As the scientific revolution accelerates and evolves, national and defense scientific systems have changed tremendously. Establishment of "Double First Class" universities is being quickly boosted. Universities are faced with an unprecedented new situation, new challenge, and new opportunity in terms of scientific innovation. This article defines the major national scientific research projects in the first place and analyzes the reason of decrease of major national scientific research projects undertaken by partial universities in the aspect of actual scientific research management. In addition, through questionnaire investigation, we have understood the key focuses of undertaking such projects led by scientific researchers in universities and proposed relevant countermeasures.


Universities; Major National Scientific Research Projects; Scientific Researchers; Measures