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The Influence of Environmental Regulation Tools On Industrial Structure

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001143


Tong Wu,Bibo Zhou

Corresponding Author

Tong Wu


When the sustainable development of economy is faced with tightening environmental constraints and transformation pressure, industrial structure adjustment has become the key path to solve the "dilemma" pattern of promoting growth and reducing emission reduction. This paper selects the provincial panel data of 29 provinces in 2005-2015 years, divides the environmental regulation into the command-type environmental regulation, the market incentive environmental regulation and the Public Participation environment regulation, and probes into the influence of different environmental regulation tools on the industrial structure. At the same time, the spatial heterogeneity of environmental regulation in the eastern and central regions is further studied. The results show that adopting an environmental regulation tool alone, such as a command-type environmental regulation tool, may have a negative impact on the industrial structure, but the results are not significant, the incentive environmental regulation is a significant positive action for industrial structure upgrading, and the comprehensive use of various environmental regulations significantly improves the positive impact of environmental regulation. And the results show that there is a real spatial heterogeneity, and the policy effect in the Middle East is more obvious.


Environmental Regulation Tools; Industrial Structure; Spatial Heterogeneity