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Three-dimensional reproduction of cultural heritage

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001148


Xiaoyu Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyu Liu


Intangible cultural heritage is of great significance for spreading Chinese culture and telling Chinese stories. In the continuous development of economy and society, the spread and protection of intangible cultural heritage should also be established on the basis of a new technical system, innovating its own development and protection methods. In many technical systems, three-dimensional animation technology has obvious adaptability to the protection of intangible cultural heritage, which is consistent with the reconstruction of intangible cultural heritage scenes and the improvement of intangible cultural heritage display and publicity capabilities. Here, this article proposes a method of cultural heritage reproduction based on three-dimensional technology, combined with three-dimensional technology to effectively reproduce intangible cultural heritage. This article mainly uses human-computer interaction, three-dimensional panoramas, virtual reality and other technologies to replicate Tangling's sculptures. Use the novel and rich visual rendering effects brought by Maya software to release the spread of cultural heritage from time and space, and the advantages of three-dimensional animation in protecting cultural heritage. It reflects the necessity of three-dimensional animation in the protection of Tangling sculpture cultural heritage.


3D Animation; Maya Software; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Tang Tomb Sculpture