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Thoughts on the construction of grass roots party branches in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001149


Siyao Li

Corresponding Author

Siyao Li


In recent years, the party committees of colleges and universities conscientiously implement the spirit of the documents of the Party Central Committee, and at the same time place the construction of the party and the cultural construction of colleges and universities in the same important position. In the face of the increasing requirements of hospital culture and the development background of medical reform, the construction of public hospital culture is imperative. However, due to the changes of the international situation, the transformation and upgrading of the domestic society and the popularization of the information network in the new era, college students show the tendency of value diversification and freedom of belief, which brings certain pressure to the development and management of party members in Colleges and universities. Taking the Affiliated Hospital of University as an example, this paper discusses the current situation of hospital culture construction, and puts forward the corresponding cultural construction ideas in combination with the construction of the party, in order to provide a useful reference for the cultural construction of public hospitals. At the same time, it puts forward some important measures for the development and management of college student party members under the new normal of the party being in charge of the party and being strict with the party. The results showed that 95% of the respondents said that the relationship between party building and hospital culture can promote each other. In the group of college students, 53.94% of the party members only realize that they are party members when they participate in the activities of the party organization. It is urgent to strengthen the awareness of party members of college students.


Overall Strict Governance of the Party; College Student Party Members; Hospital Cultural Construction; Development and Management