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The Psychological Integration of Yunnan Traditional Ethnic Sports Culture

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001150


Sidong Cui, Zerong Jiang, Jingran Xing and Fan Li

Corresponding Author

Zerong Jiang


Traditional sports culture as a special kind of culture with cultural heritage is worthy of our promotion and excavation. The traditional ethnic sports culture in Yunnan has unique cultural characteristics, and adopts appropriate and scientific methods and methods for inheritance and development. This article focuses on the psychological integration research of traditional ethnic sports culture in Yunnan, through a combination of literature review and statistical methods to understand the types of traditional sports in Yunnan, analyzes the difficulties faced by traditional sports culture in the development process, and summarizes the ways to improve And countermeasures, put forward different levels of development from the government to the people.


Ethnic Minorities; Sports Culture; Integrated Research; Traditional Culture