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The Research Process and Prospect of Music Geography in China—Based on Citespace by Visual Analysis

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001151


Jing Yang, Qing Yang

Corresponding Author

Qing Yang


This article is based on 798 articles about music geography in CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)from 1980. The bibliometric software called CiteSpace is to do visual analysis on core authors, core institutions, key words, etc. in this field. These results show that(1) since 1980, the researches can be distributed into three stages: the embryonic stage (1980-1997), the developing stage (1998-2007) and the rising stage (2008 to 2019). (2) the core authors are mainly Cai Jizhou, Feng Guangyu, Ma Da, Miao Jing and Qiao Jianzhong, etc.; (3) In the frontier aspect, "Rheology" and "inheritance" would be the hot research in the next few years. With the help of software, music database and GIS will be used in the research of MG.


Music Geography; Regional Music; Citespace; Science Visualization