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The Coordinated Development of Advanced Manufacturing and Modern Service Industry

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001152


Nan Ma

Corresponding Author

Nan Ma


The coordinated development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry is not only a major development direction of the current global economic construction, but also a core driving force for the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and innovation. The organic integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry is of great significance for the transformation of a comprehensive industry and the promotion of high-level development of manufacturing. On the basis of discussing the background of the coordinated development of the two industries, the author analyzes the obstacles that the two industries may encounter in the process of coordinated development in terms of systems and mechanisms, and gives some reasonable policy recommendations, such as improving the talent introduction system, constructing evaluation standards for the integration of the two industries, expanding overseas business, and further expanding the scope of cooperation, etc., hoping to provide reference for peers.


Advanced Manufacturing Industry; Modern Service Industry; Coordinated Development