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Another Alternative to Democratic Socialism

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001157


Liqin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Liqin Zhang


The development of democratic socialism has been favored in the practice of Northern Europe. In recent years, in response to the problems in China's development, it has been proposed that “only democratic socialism can save China.” For a time, the study of whether democratic socialism and scientific socialism, democratic socialism and socialism with Chinese characteristics, and democratic socialism are suitable for China and other countries on the road to democratic socialism and socialism with Chinese characteristics has become a hot spot. Through the review of academic research, we can get the following enlightenment: the study of democratic socialism is related to the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics; democratic socialism is only a specific temporary relative coordination state, not suitable for China's development; The socialist road realizes the benign interaction between “four self-confidences” and economic and social development.


Democratic Socialism; Scientific Socialism; Socialism with Chinese Characteristics