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Criminal Legal Aid: Problematics on Legal Professionalism

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001158


Delu Xiong

Corresponding Author

Delu Xiong


The problem of criminal legal aid is actually a problem of legal professionalism. What the accused need is universal, timely and effective criminal legal aid. The system of criminal legal aid that can't relieve the litigation interests of the accused is the paper imagination of traditional legal professionalism. The reserve of legal intellectual resources is scarce, the state financial allocation is insufficient, and the social identity of the judicial function of criminal legal aid is not high. These are the basic difficulties in the construction of criminal legal aid. The future-oriented legal professionalism that focuses on facts and consequences should be the basic approach to construct the criminal legal aid.


Legal Professionalism; Institutional Demand And Supply; Artificial Intelligence (AI); Criminal Legal Aid