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Consumption Trends and Development Countermeasures of Outdoor Sportswear Industry- Take Wuhan as an example

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001159


Yuxiang Jiang, Huarong Liu, Zhen Peng, Weiyi Miao

Corresponding Author

Yuxiang Jiang


Based on the comprehensive effects of factors such as policy-driven, economic development and traffic improvement, the outdoor sports industry has developed vigorously and has become a bright spot in the sports industry. In particular, outdoor clothing has outstanding advantages and distinctive features, and has been widely favored by consumers, becoming a leader in outdoor products. The literature data method, questionnaire survey method and field survey method were used to investigate the consumption trends of outdoor sportswear in Wuhan. The consumer behavior theory was combined with the national outdoor clothing consumption data to analyze the consumption trends. The study believes that the outdoor sportswear market in Wuhan has the characteristics of large scale, deep potential and good development. Research suggests that related companies can innovate and design outdoor clothing in terms of appearance, performance and comfort, and increase marketing efforts in terms of promotion, pricing, product line and brand positioning.


Outdoor Sportswear Industry; Consumption Trends; Development Strategies