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Different Influences of Supply-side Structural Reform and Supply-side Economics on World Economy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001161


Zijie Liu

Corresponding Author

Zijie Liu


There are fundamental differences between supply-side structural reform and supply-side economics in their influence on the world economy. The supply-side economics has damaged the economic interests of other countries. While Reagan's economics gradually revived the American economy, some other countries in the world fell into depression or were brewing a crisis. There is a hidden connection between the two. Supply-side structural reform helps to promote the common economic development of all countries and protect the stability of the world economic environment; it leaves room for later countries to develop; Besides, it also helps to fully revitalize the world economy and form a "community of destiny" for mutual benefit.


Supply-Side Structural Reform; Supply-Side Economics; Capital; Labor