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Brief Discussion on Non-operative Treatment for Nonspecific Low Back Pain with Pelvic Anteversion and Lumbar Curvature Increase

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001172


Hongbing Ba

Corresponding Author

Hongbing Ba


Basically, low back pain is a group of syndromes with lower back, lumbosacral and hip pain as the main symptoms, which is very common in clinic. Due to the change of modern lifestyle, more and more mental workers are working with great pressure. The long-term sedentary lifestyle adopted by people at ordinary times makes the incidence rate of such diseases have an increasing trend. Moreover, the wrong exercise pattern adopted by many fitness lovers also increases the risk of illness. Therefore, the disease has had a serious impact on people's work and quality of life. In view of this, through the discussion, this paper aims to provide some feasible reference opinions for patients who have non-specific low back pain with pelvic anteversion and lumbar curvature increase and related treatment institutions, further contributing some strength to improve the quality of life of patients.


Pelvic Anteversion and Lumbar Curvature Increase; Nonspecific; Low Back Pain; Non-operative Treatment