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On "Banning All Other Schools of Thought While Paying Supreme Tribute to Confucianism" from the Perspective of Philology

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001173


Hongfeng Zhang, kai Zhang

Corresponding Author

kai Zhang


During the heyday of the Western Han Dynasty, "Banning all other schools of thought while paying supreme tribute to Confucianism" has its specific historical connotation. It refers to rejecting the study of the schools which were not conducive to the governance of the country at the time, and paying supreme tribute to "New Confucianism" which has absorbed the idea of various schools beneficial to governing the country. The following historical facts, such as "the convening of Shiquge", "Emperor Xuan of Han Dynasty affirming the thought of combining morality with punishment in New Confucianism" and "Emperor Cheng of Han Dynasty opposed reading the books of philosophers", as well as the situation that the number of writings of the various schools took the Emperor Hanwu of Han Dynasty as the watershed, and then it declined sharply, all prove that it is reasonable and credible to reflect the development of academics in Han Dynasty by "banning all other Schools of thought, paying supreme tribute to Confucianism".


Banning all other Schools of Thought; Paying Supreme Tribute to Confucianism; Philosophers; New Confucianism