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Research on Mesoscopic Damage Mechanics Model and Ductile Fracture Criterion of Metal Forming Process

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001184



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The study of damage and fracture analysis in metal forming by means of mesoscopic damage mechanics has attracted much attention in recent years.Metal fracture and damage is due to the emergence of micropores, expansion and accumulation of the process of development.Therefore, on the basis of micropore mesoscopic damage, the establishment of a certain ductile fracture criterion can effectively predict the occurrence of cracks in metal formation process.In this paper, a brief overview of microdamage mechanics is given at first, and then a series of microdamage models and ductile fracture criteria for metal are expounded according to the evolution process of micropores.


Metal forming; Microscopic damage mechanics; Microvoid; Model; Ductile fracture criterion