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Research on the Construction of Personal Bankruptcy System in China

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001189


Weijian Zhou

Corresponding Author

Weijian Zhou


With the continuous development of China's social economy, the call for the establishment of personal bankruptcy system is also stronger and stronger. The existing bankruptcy law is called "half bankruptcy law", because the current situation of our country's personal bankruptcy law is in the legislative blank. However, looking at the international community, the establishment and development of relatively mature individual bankruptcy system is not a few, and also has a relatively long history. From the basic overview of personal bankruptcy system, this paper discusses the feasibility and necessity of establishing personal bankruptcy system in our country, and explore the representative of the international community's personal bankruptcy system of the status quo and related regulations, to provide experience and enlightenment, and finally from the build system of personal bankruptcy system entities and procedures two aspects put forward some personal point of view. This paper provides some suggestions for the establishment of personal bankruptcy system in China.


Personal bankruptcy; Feasibility; Necessity; Construction;