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Clinical Medicine Undergraduates’ Reluctance to Engage in Primary Care

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001194


Yingli Xue, Ziyi Shi

Corresponding Author

Yingli Xue


Objective: To explore into the factors contributing to clinical medicine undergraduates’ reluctance to engage in primary care and offer solution to the shortage of heath care providers in rural areas of China. Method Electronic questionnaire was designed to collect the feedback of clinical medicine undergraduates. A total of 556 valid questionnaires were collected. The respondents are the fifth year clinical medicine majors. Result Based on data analysis, the findings include clinical medicine undergraduates (CMUs) ’ inclination of working in the rural areas, gender difference of CMUs’ inclination of working in medical field, feasibility of rotation system, CMU’s motivation for primary care upon graduation, CMUs’ preference to working in other fields and CMUs’ suggestions for the solution to the shortage of rural doctors. Conclusion Based on the research results, the Chinese government should continuously offer favorable policies and financial support to attract and retain more health workforce for the rural areas. Additionally, it is vital to improve the living conditions and social status of health care providers. Significantly, clinical medicine curricula needs to shift to a competency-based instead of knowledge-based curriculum. Also, medical universities should offer further guidance in encouraging clinical medicine undergraduates to work in the rural areas. The findings not only provide reference for occupational guidance in medical universities, but also are beneficial for the Chinese government to develop more effective and feasible strategies to meet the people’s increasing needs for the availability of primary care.


Clinical Medicine Undergraduate; Primary Care; Competency-Based Curriculum