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The Response Surface Method Optimization Process of Water-soluble Flavonoids from Corn Silk

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001196


Ying Zhang, Jingjing Xu, Ximan Huang and Yang Gao

Corresponding Author

Ying Zhang


In this paper, the water-soluble flavonoids from Corn Silk was studied with Reflux Extraction method. Four effect factors such as ratio of material to liquid, extraction temperature, time and times was analyzed by single factor test with the content of flavonoids as evaluation index. The optimum extraction process of flavonoids were optimized by the Response Surface Methodology. The results showed that the optimum extraction process of water soluble flavonoids was the ratio of material to liquid at 1:43, extracted in 93.9℃ for 83min and two times. The content of flavonoids was 0.5543% in this condition,The research provided the foundation for the development and utilization of flavonoids in Corn silk.


Corn Silk; Flavonoids; Extraction process