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The Theory And Practice Relying On Red Resources For Party Spirit Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001395


Guanpeng Li

Corresponding Author

Guanpeng Li


Party schools and administrative colleges at all levels rely on red resources to teach party members and cadres the party spirit is an important form currently adopted. The use of local unique red resources to carry out teaching activities, using physical objects, real scenes, examples, and practical things as a carrier, can achieve the organic unity of "borrowing, narrative, history, and soul-building", further enhancing the pertinence and effectiveness of education. In the teaching process, with special lectures as the guide, with in-depth explanation as the core, and mutual discussion as the thrust, let the students cross the boundaries of time and space, in the immersive situation, to understand the depth and thickness of history, to achieve spiritual Sublimation. This article takes the red resources within the scope of Changzhi City as an example, and actively explores a new model of party spirit education in order to provide some useful references and suggestions.


Party Spirit Education; Red Resources; On-Site Teaching