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To Strengthen the Moral Construction of Students in Junior Middle School Based On the Ideological and Political Teachings

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001396


Shu Chen

Corresponding Author

Shu Chen


The junior high school stage, as a key stage of China's talent training, plays an important role in the process of talent training. At the same time, junior high school teaching is the most widely used teaching level in China, and its teaching level affects the comprehensive quality of our nationals to a certain extent. Ideological and political teaching at the junior high school stage is very important. As a key course for cultivating students' good moral quality, ideological and political courses is the core of strengthening ideological and moral construction of students in junior high school. Therefore, this article will discuss how to strengthen students by combining some existing problems and countermeasures in ideological and political teaching in junior middle school. Ideological and moral construction.


Interpretation of Junior High School; Ideological and Political Teaching; Ideological and Moral Construction