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The Reform and Implementation of Professional Teaching Management Model Based On the Experimental Material under the Background of “New Engineering”

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001397


Tongna Shi, Bingjie Zhu, Zhenjiang Shi, Wei Yang and Wenhua Wu

Corresponding Author

Wenhua Wu


In recent years, the country has proposed an educational plan for the construction of the "new engineering", and The National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Materials Science and Engineering (Donghua University) is an important experimental base for training new engineering talents in materials. The “One Support Two Platforms, Four Links, Six Roles” experimental teaching management model has subverted the traditional experimental teaching process, realized the online and offline hybrid experimental teaching process reengineering, more in line with the requirements of engineering education professional certification, and more conducive to the urgent need of the country Training of new engineering talents in materials.


New Engineering; Experimental Teaching; Management Mode; Teaching Process