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Research on Information Demand and Library Service in Minority Areas of China

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0001398


Zhaoxia Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhaoxia Liu


Library serves as the main way to promote the perfect development of the social education, but also the important contents of acceleration of the socialist cultural construction. Correspondingly, we should conform to the development in the information era and improve the service quality and work of the library, at the same time, the overall value of the library in using should be improved by adopting information technology.[1]As for the construction and utilization condition of library in ethnic minority areas, construction of information modernization, on the one hand, can promote the spread and inheritance of ethnic minority in China, on the other hand, serves as the role in enriching the cultural life of the people in minority region. Based on this, proceeding from the utilization condition of the libraries in minority region in China, we hold a general discussion on the way for improvement of the service quality of libraries in minority regions in China.


Minority region; Information needs; Library services